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Former LSU chancellor excited over arrival of Tigers in Syracuse

Sean O'Keefe (Source: Syracuse University) Sean O'Keefe (Source: Syracuse University)
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This will be a big weekend for the LSU Tigers and their fans when they travel to take on the Syracuse Orange football team.  

What many may not know is that a former high profile LSU administrator will be in the stands cheering for the Orange. Former LSU Chancellor Sean O'Keefe now works as a professor at the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs at the University of Syracuse in New York.  

We reached out to him to get his views on what LSU fans and the team can expect from Syracuse Orange fans.

"This is gonna be great to have the Tigers in town and show them Upstate New York hospitality. It is  a different opportunity than what you typically get," O'Keefe said.  

O'Keefe also says there is a huge difference on how LSU and Syracuse fans tailgate.

"There's no comparison to the world class tailgating outside of Tiger stadium that goes on by thousands of people. Even the ones who don't have tickets are there. Whereas here, it's much more of a gathering and pre-game event, listening to the band, that kind of thing. Its a terrific atmosphere, but it is comparatively more subdued than what you see on any game day on campus at LSU," O'Keefe said.

O'Keefe said there is no question it is going to be a very spirited contest.  

"The Syracuse team is really looking forward to the opportunity to play an SEC stalwart like LSU and it's going to be an extraordinary day. There's a different kind of standard certainly in the SEC and competitiveness between the SEC teams is unbelievable," he said. "Top to bottom, it's a very strong conference. The best, in my mind, across the country. The Atlantic Coast Conference is strong but it's a different variation of that. I think you'll see those stark differences come Saturday, but you're going to get a spirited contest from the Orangemen, no doubt about that."

As for who he is rooting for, its Syracuse. He says he graduated from there and so did his children, so it is in his blood.

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