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Restaurant beefing up security after Uptown robberies


Uptown business owners are getting anxious after what they've seen in the past two months with customers becoming victims.

"We feel very insecure in the Uptown area," Baru Bistro and Tapas owner Edgar Caro said. 

Caro is worried about the safety of his business after two men robbed Atchafalaya Restaurant staff and patrons Thursday. Surveillance video shows two men yanking open the locked doors, pointing guns at people and demanding cash. 

The robbery nearly mirrors what happened on Aug. 20 at Patios on Laurel Street. In that instance, armed men burst through the door on a Thursday night and stole purses and wallets from patrons and cash from the register. 

Caro said he is in the process of adding more cameras, and he's thinking of even more ways to increase security at his Magazine Street restaurant. 

"At ten clock at night or eleven when we are closing down, it's very hard to have police right next to us unless you're paying them to stay here," Caro said. "The safety of our neighborhood is being damaged right now, and we all feel like that right now at galleries, restaurants or any other business on Magazine or in the Uptown area."

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