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City bees turn country after CBD hive removal


Glenn Gueho suited up to move bees captured from an old building in the CBD to his Marrero honey farm.

"These were city bees and now they're country bees," he said.

Gueho and his team went to work on Carondolet Street removing 60,000 bees from the Maritime Building. A lift took beekeepers 140 feet up to the 10th floor of the Maritime Building.

"It was amazing," said Ryan Abadie, an expert on the job. "I've seen large hives before, but I've never seen  a hive like that."

In Marrero, Gueho is transferring thousands of those bees into a commercial hive to make honey.

"The hive we got last night was so big I've had to subdivide it," he said.

When the bees were taken to Marrero, they were let go in an orange orchard. They got the nectar and pollen needed to take back to a hive and make orange blossom honey.

It will take these bees months to make honey in the new hive. Gueho says the hive taken from the CBD held gallons of the sweet stuff.

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