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Local school principal inspires breast cancer patients and her students

Photo by James Palinsad, via Flickr Creative Commons. Photo by James Palinsad, via Flickr Creative Commons.

Some local students don't have to look far for inspiration on their campus. It comes in abundance from someone who dared to look a life-threatening disease in the face and declare that she would win.

"I think that my spirit and energy transcends to my students as well as to the community. But also I think that it is in a spirit of reciprocity because the things that the student give to me are the things that I take for myself to thrive on and also to help others, so it's kind of like an equation of win-win,” said Bridgette Frick.

Frick is indeed thriving.  Not only is she the principal at Eleanor Mc Main Secondary School uptown, she is a breast cancer survivor with enthusiasm that is contagious.

What Frick calls her “Pink Journey” began in January 2012.  Faced with a potentially killer disease she decided backing down was not an option.

Now she eagerly pushes other breast cancer patients to keep pushing.

"I believe and felt from the very beginning of the onset of cancer that it was not for me, that I would be used as a vehicle to inspire and to help others,” Frick stated.

October 1 marked the beginning of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  The annual Susan G. Komen

Race drew 15,000 participants last year and organizers hope to trump that number this month.

"The disease has no bounds, it could be male and female,” said Henry Kothmann, President of the Susan G. Komen New Orleans' affiliate.

Proceeds from the race enhance the cause.  Last year close to $500,000 was issued in local grants.

Seventy-five percent of the net proceeds from the race remain in the New Orleans area to fund screenings, treatment and educational services.  Last year local grants totaled nearly $500,000.

"We give grants to different organizations in order for treatment, and mammography [screenings], different community centers that handle this, LSU and Tulane and things like that,” said Kothmann.

For Frick, sharing her can do spirit comes naturally and she shares it as often as she can.

"It has been my mission to turn frantic women into fighting women and during the course of my three years as a survivor I have done just that, I will continue on this mission, my pink journey is never ending,” Frick stated.

Frick is the 2015 honorary race survivor chairperson.

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