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Football coach fired for alleged paddling


The New Orleans Recreation Development Commission fires one of its coaches after allegations he paddled a child at a New Orleans park. And, officials tell FOX 8, this isn't the first paddling incident reported. 

A mom posted pictures of her son to social media after she says he was paddled by his coach at St. Roch park last month, that's according to our partners at | The Times-Picayune.

Vic Richard, the Chief Executive Officer of the New Orleans Recreation Development Commission or NORDC, says they have since fired that volunteer football coach for violating their strict no paddling policy. "I am disheartened by the behavior, no it's not normal common place," said Richard. 

We spoke with a parent at St. Roch Park who did not want to be identified, she tells us she supports the coach who was fired and says paddling is something that happens here. 

"We was out here when that happened," the parent said. "He was just disciplining him like they discipline all the other kids." 

But, Richard disagrees and says coaches must sign a policy that says "all volunteers are strictly prohibited from any behavior that could be construed as inappropriate" including paddling, name calling, profanity, sexual abuse or harassment. Despite, that this is the second reported incident of paddling just this year. 

"We did the exact same thing once it was reported to us, we immediately acted upon the allegation and acted appropriately as we should be, Reporter: was that coach fired as well? Yes, mam," said Richard. 

NORDC officials held a meeting Monday night for all of their coaches to reemphasize their policies. But, FOX 8 was not allowed inside. 

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