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Bonnabel Boat Launch to temporarily close for repairs

Bonnabel Boat Launch Bonnabel Boat Launch

The Bonnabel Boat Launch in Metairie will temporarily close starting Oct. 13. Repairs and construction to the boat ramps will begin after the installation of temporary fencing around the construction site on Oct. 14.

Construction will involve the installation of sheet pilings for a temporary dam, pumping out water within the ramp area, and removing existing concrete ramps. 

The four back-down ramps will be replaced and lengthened to the ends of the existing piers, a curb will be built and Rip Rap will be placed behind the curb at the boat launch.  

The angle of the new ramps will change slightly to allow boats to lift off trailers more easily. The small courtesy dock on the eastside will be repaired and existing timbers on all sides will be replaced. 

Repairs are estimated to be completed in approximately 120 days, barring any contractor delay and weather permitting.   

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