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Flooding could shift Tiger, Gamecock matchup on Saturday


The extreme flooding in South Carolina may cause officials at the University of South Carolina to move this weekend’s matchup between the Gamecocks and the LSU Tigers.

LSU is scheduled to take on SC at 11 a.m. central time, Saturday morning at Williams-Brice Stadium.

University officials say the stadium did not sustain any damage during the flooding and is ready to host the game, but they’re concerned services around the stadium and city may be able to handle the influx of football fans.

“The highways, the stadium water situation and other pressures from first responders and the highway patrolmen and all the police that we use from various counties around the Midlands, so there are a lot of concerns and a lot of things to consider,” Ray Tanner, University of South Carolina’s Athletic Director, said.

So far, officials maintain their first priority would be to hold the game in Columbia, but admit their second choice would be playing the game at a neutral site.

Some media reports said the Gamecocks reached out to the Panther’s organization to see if Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte would be a viable option, but considering a large NASCAR event scheduled there this weekend, some are concerned hotels would be at a premium.

Die-hard LSU fans, though, said they’d go anywhere the Tigers take them.

“Well we're going, we're going until game time. If they call us and say here you gotta go somewhere else, maybe they might move the game to Baton Rouge, or maybe the move it to Atlanta. I think the most logical place is Charlotte,” Mike Serio, a professional Tiger Fan, said.

Serio, who was in New Orleans during Katrina, said he knows how important a football game can be to escape from reality.

“I relate everything to Katrina, I couldn't wait to get out of town, when we flew to Arizona. That's how desperate I was to go, just to get away, I hope those people aren't suffering too bad,” Serio said.

Tanner did not rule out playing in Baton Rouge as an option, but said a neutral site would take first priority if the venue needs to change.

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