Tracking crime near high profile restaurant and bar armed robberies

Tracking crime near high profile restaurant and bar armed robberies

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - The recent high profile armed robberies of Uptown restaurants and bars have people on edge.

"To have it happen in the heart of our neighborhood so close to the river where there's only limited escape routes for the perpetrators indicates that there's a real problem," says Ben Waring.

FOX 8 has been tracking crime in the Uptown neighborhood where masked gunmen recently robbed Patois, Atchafalaya and the Monkey Hill Bar.

We obtained the incident report numbers, dates, times and locations for every armed robbery across New Orleans from January 1st of 2014 through September 1st of this year. That's 20 months of data.

Dots on the map show the sheer number of incidents.

We look specifically at the neighborhoods surrounding the bar and restaurants.

In a three block radius, around the 6000 block of Laurel St. where gunmen stormed Patois, there were three armed robberies.

One of them happened last year.

The other happened this year, one on August 9th, just 11 days before the Patois robbery.

About a month later, gunmen forced their way into the Atchafalaya restaurant on Louisiana.

In a two block radius surrounding Atchafalaya, there were two armed robberies, both of them happened last year on Magazine St.

Also on Magazine St., masked men robbed the Monkey Hill bar in the 6100 block.

In that area, on the same block, there were two other armed robberies this year. One happened back in April and the other one on August 31st.

While the restaurant and bar armed robberies became the most high profile incidents, our CRIMETRACKER map shows what's been happening in those neighborhoods over the past 20 months.

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