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LSU fans plan to give South Carolina fans a warm welcome


LSU fans are putting their rivalries aside this weekend to give South Carolina fans a warm welcome. The Gamecocks were supposed to play at home Saturday in Columbia, but the game was moved to Baton Rouge due to flooding.

Beth Hiatt knows all too well what it's like to be displaced after a devastating flood. "I am a Katrina transplant, I came to Baton Rouge in 2005 because they said they were hiring nurses from New Orleans, if we need a job, come on, so after being here 10 years now, I have become a LSU fan," Hiatt said. "As a child I went through Betsy, as an adult through Katrina, so knowing that makes it even more exciting to be able to give them some kind of, one minute, one hour, one day of nothing but a smile."   

Hiatt and her friends want South Carolina fans to feel right at home for Saturday's game. 

"We are all too familiar with this, with Katrina and Gustav that happened here, and all that stuff, and we were just talking about she is a transplant from New Orleans to Baton Rouge and she said I guess they're going to make me a LSU fan because of the hospitality we are presenting," said LSU fan Jill Angelle. "I think it's absolutely fabulous, it makes me proud to call Baton Rouge home."

LSU says proceeds from tickets sales, minus the cost of hosting the game, will be given to South Carolina. The American Red Cross will also be collecting donations at Tiger Stadium Saturday for flood victims.

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