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Early voting kicks off Saturday with strong turnout


Early voting kicked off Saturday with a strong showing. In just the first seven hours, over 1,300 people showed up to the four polling sites in Orleans Parish.

At City Hall Saturday, people had different reasons for casting an early ballot.

“Early voting keeps me from standing in long lines,” Ronald L. Martin Jr. said.

Nancy Mackenzie explains, “I came because the Cubs are going to the World Series and I didn’t know what the schedule of games is going to be and I didn’t want to miss any games.”

Aside from the convenience it affords, early voting helps predict voter turnout for the primary election October 24th. The Orleans Parish Registrar of Voters office says so far, it’s looking strong. Among the races voters will decide; a new Louisiana governor, lieutenant governor, secretary of state and attorney general.

Voter Charles Hadley says, “Louisiana needs to turn the corner, we can’t keep going down the drain so I think we need to make some changes.”

Voters varied on what areas of the state need attention first once a new governor takes the helm.

Gage Rodriguez says, “I think healthcare is a big issue. For sure we need a better system.”

“Funding for education, funding for social services, i.e. particularly for the mental health aspect,” O.C. Coleman said.

A recent poll taken by Triumph Campaigns predicts the October 24th race will end with a run off between Sen. David Vitter and Rep. John Bel Edwards. There are seven other candidates in the running, including Jay Dardenne and Scott Angelle.

New Orleanians we spoke to say they’re ready to move past Bobby Jindal and feel confident a new governor will be positive change for the state. “I think whoever inherits it will do the best they can and will move the state forward,” Coleman said.

There won’t be any early voting Sunday but it picks back up Monday and lasts until next Saturday.

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