Jim Henderson's Commentary: As team struggles, Payton rumors fly

Jim Henderson's Commentary: As team struggles, Payton rumors fly

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - So today's source-generated rumor is that Sean Payton is - quoting now - "intrigued" by the Colts' and the Dolphins' interest in him being their next head coach.

They are - according to yesterday's source-generated rumor, anyway. Well, isn't that special.

Whoever is floating that story while the Saints' ship is sinking, it benefits just one person - Sean Payton - at the expense of countless others - players, coaches, staff, administrators, literally every other person in the organization but him.

Oh yeah. The fans, too. Almost forgot about them. Those poor suckers who have three-quarters of the home schedule remaining to watch this charade.

Timing is everything in life.  Better to jump before you get pushed.  Maybe it's better to leave with your eroding reputation still largely intact before it sinks under the weight of a long rebuilding process. Better to be remembered as the architect of the most miraculous turnaround in NFL history while people still remember.

But this isn't 2006 anymore, and it's certainly not 2009. We are none of us what we once were.  But in the NFL there always seems to be some desperate team that can be convinced that we are. There will always be some team for a Super Bowl-winning head coach, anxious to get him at the first opportunity, then willing to get him if there's a second. First he gets the opportunity to pick and choose. Then he faces the necessity of taking what he can get.

Our coach is still in the pick-and-choose category. Our coach who has exhorted our team in years past to "finish strong," to "do your job."  Our coach who told our team in his locker-room yesterday after a "tap-out" loss to the Eagles to "look in the mirror" for the solution to your problems.

And what does our coach see when he looks in his for the solution to his problems? The New Orleans Saints in his rearview mirror?


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