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Bogalusa residents issued summons for animal cruelty; more than 40 animals seized


A Bogalusa mother and daughter were issued summons for animal cruelty Monday after more than 40 animals were seized from their home, according to the Humane Society of Louisiana. 

Deputies from the Washington Parish Sheriff's Department had repeatedly warned and advised the owners of more than 20 dogs and 20 cats to take better care of them, after receiving reports of neglect from neighbors. 

Seeing no improvement of the course of several days, Washington Parish Sheriff detectives issued a summons to the owners of the animals, Terri Turner and her daughter, Frannie Charlene Fisher of Wilson Magee Rd in Bogalusa.

Representatives from the Humane Society went to the home Tuesday afternoon and removed more than 20 dogs, 20 cats, a duck and a rabbit, of all whom were showing signs of visible neglect and lack of medical care.

Turner and Fisher could be charged with multiple counts of animal cruelty. A complaint was also filed with Child Protection Services since two teenagers were living in squalid conditions on the same property. 

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