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Yenni, Lagasse compromise on some attack ads


The frontrunners in the race for Jefferson Parish president have reached a compromise in court relating to certain attack ads and mailers.

On Wednesday, Elton Lagasse and Mike Yenni both agreed to stop airing ads, or disseminating claims that each was responsible for tax hikes.

The consent judgment signed by both candidates led to Lagasse dropping a lawsuit against Yenni.

The judgment reads, “All parties agree that this is nothing more than a compromise and resolution of disputed claims.”

Attacks ads in campaigns is not a novelty.

But Lagasse, a councilman-at-large in Jefferson Parish maintained that Yenni’s ad that claimed Lagasse proposed over $20 million in tax hikes was totally false, so he sued.

The agreement signed by Jefferson Parish Judge June Darensburg said Yenni can no longer air, display, publish, disseminate, communicate or distribute in any format any allegation, statement or inference that Lagasse tried, or did raise property taxes, raise sales taxes and/or rolled forward any taxes whatsoever, and/or proposed over $20 million in tax increases.

As for Lagasse, he is required to cease, desist, and withdraw TV ads and mailers that refer to Yenni as the “Tax Man,” and refrain from making claims that Yenni raised sewer fees in Kenner by 145 percent and that Yenni tried to increase the tax burden on citizens.

Both said they were prohibited from discussing the consent judgment or the ads by the judge.

But each talked about why they think they are the right fit for the parish presidency.

"You did the interview when my opponent said the only way he would go nasty is if I went nasty. I have still yet to get nasty,” Yenni said in response to the FOX 8 News reporter interviewing him.

An ad Lagasse is running suggesting Yenni changed his last name from Maunoir to his mother’s maiden name, and that of his late grandfather for political expediency is not off limits. His grandfather the late Joe Yenni was Parish President in Jefferson before his death.
"I just think when people go to vote they should know who they're voting for, what their qualification are, before I go cast a vote for someone I want to know who that person is,” said Lagasse.

Yenni believes the attack goes too far.

"My parents had a divorce way back when almost two decades ago, and that's when I chose to take my mom's maiden name, my mom raised. I lived with my grandmother Lucille Yenni, my mom is Peggy Jo Yenni and it was a decision I made. It has no place in this campaign,” he said.

Even though the consent judgment bars the candidates from running the ads in question, there are no guarantees the race will not turn ugly in other ways.

"It depends on what he does, but I do believe we will do some positive stuff, but I still think the people need the know the whole story of Mike Yenni,” Lagasse stated.

"I have no reason to, I don't like negative campaigning,” said Yenni.

Both said they have the best experience to run parish government’s administration.

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