Bigfish report: Cooler weather makes for some hot fishing

Bigfish says cooler weather equals hot fishing

(WVUE) - Now that cooler weather is on its way, it could mean hotter fishing this weekend. In tonight's Bigfish Report, Captain CT Williams says you should consider heading down to Venetian Isles.

We spend a lot of time talking about taking kids fishing. But it's not every day we get a chance to take dad along - especially when the fishing is as good as it is in Delacroix.

Captain Jack Payne called, excited about the fishing in this area this week, so his father, retired Lt. Col. Jack Payne and I jumped in Captain Jack's boat to go find a few fish.

Captain Jack says this week's light cold front really helped to move a lot of fish into the marsh.

"It's bringing them up," he said. "It's bringing them from out here where we at in the Gulf, straight up into Dead Duck Pass, Four Horse Lake all the way to the inside."

We already had a big push of trout come on in out in Delacroix, and we have been doing really well close to the docks.

If fishing is on the agenda this weekend, you might want to consider fishing the Venetian Isles rodeo. The once-popular rodeo is returning after nearly 18 years, and looks to be a great event. You can find information on their Facebook page

Reds, trout - pretty much anywhere you want to fish in Black Bay in Delacroix you are going to find some nice fish.

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