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Juan's World: Mauti's exceptional punt block

(Source: Mark Lagrange) (Source: Mark Lagrange)

Hello everyone, and welcome into Juan's world. I want to begin with this.

A funny thing happened while I watching last night's Saints/Falcons game from the comfort of my own couch

Michael Mauti happened.

That block, that glorious punt block, brought back flashes of Steve Gleason from nine-years prior.

Thursday Night Football, taking on the hated Dirty Birds, getting a punt block and touchdown from a guy that's trying to make a name for himself through special teams.

Oh the irony...

But, that's not the funny thing that happened from the comfort of my own couch.

It's after that punt block and touchdown scoop by Mauti

After saints fans were in the kind of frenzy that could be felt through my TV, I decided to tweet the moment and what it made me think of.

My tweet: "it's 3006 all over again."

Yes....3,006. Obviously this was a typo, but, in all of my excitement over what I just saw, to quote the late great Jack Buck, 'I don't believe what I just saw,' I tweeted 3006.

I admit it. I was caught up in the utterly amazing moment. Witnessing a magical time in this franchise history being re-created by a kid we've all known for years who comes from a family that we've known for even longer.

You see, Mike Mauti is the son of former Saints player Rich Mauti. And prior to last night, the recently signed Michael hadn't done anything to raise eyebrows.

So when he put his stamp on the game last night. The punt block was more than just a punt block. More than just a turning point in a big rival game.

Remember Mauti's face on the sideline afterwards? If you do, then you realize what it meant to him, to his team, to the Who Dat Nation, to me.

It was a big deal and based on how this season had gone thus far, I figured it would be another thousand years before something magical would happen for this team again, Hence 3006.

Get it right or get it first. I chose to get it first. My mom always claims to have ESP. Maybe I have it too.

Juan's World, Juan's World.  Excellent!!!!!

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