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Who Dats rise up in anger over Falcon fan tweet aimed at Gleason


The Who Dat nation rose up in anger Thursday night after an apparent Falcons fan insulted one of its heroes on social media.

When Saints linebacker Michael Mauti blocked a Falcons punt, the crowd went wild. No one was more thrilled than Steve Gleason, who did the same thing nine years ago. He tweeted: “Hey Falcons, #NEVER PUNT.”

Falcons fan @BenTennant answered: “At least we don't need a machine to tweet.”

It was a painful barb to the former Saints player fighting ALS.

“You don't kick someone when they’re down,” said Rodney Frisard, who is also battling the disease.

Frisard and has a communication device like Gleason’s, and while he doesn't follow Twitter, he was disappointed at what he heard.

“The guy that did it, he may have been a diehard Falcon fan who dislikes the Saints - which is fine - but taking on Steve is a little bit excessive,” Frisard said.

“It's insulting to people like Rodney,” said Chrissie Trosclair. “They are just like you and I - one day they're living regular lives, and something happens.”

Trosclair is with the ALS Association of Louisiana. She said at least 300 people in the state are diagnosed with the neuromuscular disease, which steals a person’s movement and voice. She said the tweet was heartless.

“It's just football, and I know the Who Dat Nation may not agree with that, but it's just a game,” Trosclair said. “Leave the people affected with a horrible disease alone.”

“This guy needs to go visit somebody with ALS,” Frisard said. “I'd love to have him. Maybe I'll convert him to be a Saints fan.”  

The Who Dat Nation responded with venom.

David Ebersole wrote: “Steve has more heart than you will ever have, man.”

Falcons fan Price Blissit chimed in: “As a Falcons fan, I'm embarrassed to have you on our side, Ben. On behalf of true Falcons fans, I'm sorry Mr. Gleason.”

With the ultimate class and grace, Gleason tweeted: “Let’s leave @BenTennant alone and watch this game."

The ALS Association of Louisiana will have Defeat ALS walk in Audubon Park on Saturday (Oct. 17) beginning at 9 a.m. It's open to the public.

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