Jim Henderson's Commentary: A special night against the Falcons

Jim Henderson's Commentary: A special night against the Falcons

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - As the seasons change so noticeably this weekend, was that a season-changing win for the Saints last night?  Right now, who knows?  And right now in the euphoria of last night, who cares?

Let us all just take a deep breath and savor a special game in Saints' history. That's a breath of fresh air for both seasons.

Years and generations from now when the question is asked, "were you there for the blocked punt against the Falcons?" You can reply, "which one?" And if you are truly fortunate, you can answer, "yes.  Both."

As Steve Gleason was.

It was truly Hollywood South in the Dome last night with a script whose payoff was such a feel-good story even a Falcon fan could - if not embrace it - at least give it a begrudging hug.

For the Son of a Saint in Michael Mauti to wake up the echoes of arguably the most famous special teams play in NFL history - with its creator watching from the sideline - on the night Steve Gleason was honored for that one shining moment in a life of inspiring incandescence which will burn with an eternal flame in every Saints fan's heart.

How much more special could that moment and that night and that life be?

It was a moment that brought a smile to thousands of faces.  None more gratifying to see than the one it brought to his. Consider it just a token of re-payment for the millions you have brought to others.

Special play...special night...special teams...special memory.

Special guy.

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