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Bayou St. John car thieves beat surveillance cameras

Subject appears to hide his face from the camera. (Source: Lydon Saia) Subject appears to hide his face from the camera. (Source: Lydon Saia)

A Bayou St. John homeowner feels certain that criminals are targeting his neighborhood after two men stole his car while it was parked - and locked - just steps away from his front door.

"I didn't see the car, so I immediately went to my camera system, looked, and I could see on my camera  - [the car] was there in one moment and not there in another," Lydon Saia said.

The video shows two unmasked men stealing his car Tuesday around 12:44 a.m. Saia said he felt like it was only a matter of time before he fell victim to the crime after the recent robberies in his neighborhood.

"I had a feeling," he said.

In the video, the men seem to hide their faces at the exact moment they pass several security cameras. Saia feels that is no coincidence.

"When the guy with a hat gets to the camera, you can see him duck his head. When guy with a hat got to the camera, he put his hand over his face where you couldn't see him," Saia said. "Later there is another part where there is a camera in a alley that gets you. When you get to that alley you can't see the camera from the sidewalk, but they knew it was there. So they kind of turn their head. It was very obvious that they knew what they planned to do."

The two men broke into his car, started the engine without the alarm going off and drove away within 90 seconds. It's a problem that's revving up in Bayou St. John. Since the beginning of October, NOPD says there have been five car armed robberies and auto thefts combined in the area.

"Immediately when I found out, I called police," Saia said. "The next call was to OnStar to track the car, and OnStar says we can't track the car. There is no signal. OnStar said they either put it in a building or they dismantled it to where they didn't have a signal."

Police have not yet recovered Saia's SUV.

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