Federal judge orders prisoner handling facility reopened

Federal judge orders prisoner handling facility reopened

After much controversy, a federal judge has ordered the prisoner handling facility, known as the docks, reopened.

The order came about Thursday morning after a lengthy meeting in court.

Orleans Parish Sheriff Marlin Gusman had closed that facility three weeks ago, saying it was part of the old jail which is now closed.

The sheriff had been employing a new method of getting defendants into criminal court which met with resistance. Sources say The Docks will reopen next Wednesday, for an unspecified length of time as the city considers a long term solution.

Securing The Docks is expected to require between 11 and 16 deputies.

"You are going to be paying police officers time-and-a-half or taking them off the streets and regular duty to staff the docks. The sheriff is the jailer. He was elected by the public to take care of and keep the inmates. Part of his responsibilities is moving the jailed inmates from his jail into the courthouse," Goyeneche said.

Mayor Mitch Landrieu's administration said it is hopeful to work with the sheriff's office on a long-term solution.

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