Voter turnout could benefit some candidates over others

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Voting officials are hoping for an average turnout Saturday during the election, which features several statewide races.

Already, 222,000 registered voters have cast their ballots during early and absentee voting, including 12,973 Orleans Parish voters.

The Secretary of State's Office expects voter turnout to be around 48 percent of registered voters, but in Orleans Parish that number may dip as low as 30 percent of voters.

"It's not something you should take for granted, and if you don't come out to vote, you can't complain who's elected, because if you didn't vote to make a change, then you shouldn't have a say so," said Orleans Parish Clerk of Court Arthur Morrell.

FOX 8 Political Analyst Mike Sherman said the low turnout could be a boon for conservative candidates.

"Voters get excited when a candidate expresses views they agree with, for progressives and liberals, there's no one in the governor's race who's catering to that base. All four candidates self-identify as conservatives, even the lone Democrat, John Bel Edwards," Sherman said.

He thinks some voters may decide based on who they don't want to see in office.

"Sometimes when folks go in that voting booth, they pull that lever for someone they really like, and sometimes they hold their nose and choose the least worst of the candidates," Sherman said.

Sherman thinks if the governor's race goes into a runoff, it could mean a higher than average turnout for the runoff election.

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