AFR: Saints win proves how fluid season can be

AFR: Saints win proves how fluid season can be

INDIANAPOLIS, IN (WVUE) - - It's a funny thing, just how fluid an NFL football season truly is.The Saints and their 27-21 win over Indianapolis are providing the perfect example.

The NFL is truly a week-to-week existence. And the seven weeks of this Saints' season have already taken us to some extreme places. We haven't even reached the halfway point and think about the discussions that have been had.

We've speculated Sean Payton's next coaching stop. We've debated where Drew Brees will be traded. We've wondered if Rob Ryan will get fired after seemingly every game. We've speculated who they should draft. All of this before Halloween.

It's easy to do. Saints games are so emotional that the reaction to the outcome tends to be in absolutes. And when those outcomes are more losses than wins, those reactions will be negative.

Until now. Now they find themselves 3-4 and winners of three of their last four. The optimism is starting to flow. The easy thing to say is that they are finding their way back.

But Payton knew better.

"Sometimes it's not all the way to the right or all the way to the left, you with me?" Payton said. "We made some improvements and we're doing some things well and there are some things we have to clean up. It was a good win and we will go from there."

A perfect summation of the Saints' win Sunday and their season to date.

Maybe this is the turning point. Their schedule is favorable and they are playing better. They're also getting healthier, an aspect my colleague Jim Henderson correctly pointed out that we all may have lost sight of.

Then again maybe it isn't. No game with this team is ever a guaranteed win. Plus, they're still well behind Carolina and Atlanta in the NFC South.

The bottom line is there's still a long way to go and none of us know where this journey is going to end.

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