Images: Rain creates headaches for SE LA

Images: Rain creates headaches for SE LA

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - People in Terrebonne Parish woke up to overturned trailers, ripped-off roofs and damaged boats after rough weather roared through the area Sunday and early Monday morning.

In Chauvin, Shoreline Drive took a hard it. The roof on on one building was just recently put on, but the harsh winds and rains came through and tore it off the building. It ended up landing in a flooded yard near a lot of the other debris from other surrounding buildings.

Powerlines were still dangling Monday morning. There is no electricity running through them. People are trying to pick up the pieces.
"I was in bed, watching television getting ready to go to bed and I heard a noise and that's it," said resident Margo Brumley. "My house is built for 200 miles per hour winds and my son told me that this happened. It broke two windows, but I'm all right."

Some remnants of Hurricane Patricia, mixed with another storm system caused a possible tornado.

For other areas, like Larose. Residents were forced to watch the water rise with little they could do about it, except try to stay positive.

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