Heavy rainfall floods northern Tangipahoa Parish

Heavy rainfall floods northern Tangipahoa Parish

TANGIPAHOA PARISH, LA (WVUE) - Its been a long day for about 50 residents of the small community of Tangipahoa, just south of Kentwood. Parish official's joined residents to evacuate around 5 a.m. Monday as the Tangipahoa River backed up into Beaver Creek, flooding about a half-dozen streets and an estimated 10 homes.

Harry Bridges, a bedridden man could not move as the water came up 12 inches into his home. "About a foot deep in here," said Bridges when describing the water level in his house.

"We're trying to find a shelter," Tangipahoa Mayor Brenda Nevels said. "Kentwood High School might be the only option. We don't have a shelter in Tangipahoa."

Residents say this isn't the first time.

"Do we go through this every five years? Will somebody stand up and get help," asked storm victim Tabitha Bridges.

Joseph Bridges lost his roosters, hens and four vehicles, including his work truck.

"I came out here and all you could see were the yellow lights on the truck; we had eight feet of water," Joseph Bridges said.

And while some look for shelter tonight, others will look for solutions to hopefully keep this from happening again.

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