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Halloween safety tips

Tips to keep children safe on Halloween (Source: FOX 8) Tips to keep children safe on Halloween (Source: FOX 8)

Lots of children are looking forward to dressing up and going trick-or-treating on Halloween. The Thibodaux Police Department offered a few tips to keep your family safe.

1. Talk to your children about NOT going anywhere with strangers.
2. Set a time for your kids to be home.
3. Check the area prior to trick-or-treating for registered sex offenders.
4. A parent, or responsible adult, should walk with a child.
5. Serve your kids a filling meal before trick-or-treating so they won't be as tempted to eat any candy before they bring it home for you to check.
6. Look both ways before crossing the street and only cross at corners or crosswalks.
7. Wear light producing or reflective devices such as flashlights, glow sticks, reflective tape, and other similar products to be more visible in the dark.
8. Let your children know not to cut through fields.
9. Stay in populated areas.
10. Driver below the posted speed limit in residential areas during trick-or-treating hours.

Thibodaux Police says they will have increased presence this Saturday, October 31st to make sure the festivities go smoothly.

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