A purrrfect ending! 'Who Cat' found, returned to owner

A purrrfect ending! 'Who Cat' found, returned to owner

ALGIERS, LA (WVUE) - The 'Who Cat' is back.

After missing for more than four days, Zoey was discovered by Hank Byers about a block from where she was reported missing in Algiers.

Byers said he recognized 'Who Cat' from a FOX 8 report and from flyers in the area.

"Last night, about six o'clock, I was going to bible study and I walked out from the side and she came from under this bush and she walked toward me, and I looked at her, and I said that looks like the cat," Byers said.

Byers wasn't able to snag Zoey, who rocketed to social media stardom after she tagged along with her owner into the Superdome during the Falcons game, but he went to church and prayed that she would be reunited with her owner.

The next morning, Byers went outside to check his bushes and found Zoey snoozing, so he decided to lure in using his sister's breakfast biscuits.

"She was timid initially, my sister's biscuit worked, it coaxed her to me, otherwise she was hidden between a rock and all I could see was her eyes peeping around," Byers said.

Byers immediately contacted Randy Pumilia, Zoey's owner, who raced over to be reunited with his furry friend.

"Boy, when he told me that he thought he had the cat, I was ready to go, and I kept telling myself that it can't be true, and then the whole way over here I said, please lord, let this be true, and when I came over here and he had the cat, talk about relief, I could have laid on the ground right here and gone to bed," Pumilia, who hadn't slept in days during his search for Zoey, said.

Pumilia insisted on giving Byers a cash reward, who said the reunion was the best part of the find.

"He was standing there kissing the cat and tears were streaming down his face, and like I said, it was a joyous moment, I've been fulfilled by that alone," Byers said.

Now Byers is thankful to have his sidekick back at home.

"The main thing, she's not scared, she's not lost, he took care of her, so there is a God," Pumilia said.

'Who Cat' is now on a leash. Her owner says she is not too happy about it, but it is better than her running away again.

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