Crews seal levee breach near Myrtle Grove

Crews seal levee breach near Myrtle Grove

MYRTLE GROVE, LA (WVUE) - After a daylong effort, a levee break near Myrtle Grove has been sealed, but some residents say the work was not necessary.

Parish work crews worked feverishly around the clock Monday and Tuesday to seal this small ring levee around the Myrtle Grove Marina community after the winds from the remnants of Hurricane Patricia pushed the Gulf of Mexico inland.

The fear was that the wind and tide would flood Highway 23 and seal off lower Plaquemines Parish. But that never happened thanks to a wind shift, which residents say helped ease the threat.
"It was a valid reason to put the effort in, but once they started and didn't complete it, and the tide went down, why continue to close a breach? All the money they waste in doing the closure, hauling all these sandbags and the problem was solved already, Mother Nature solved it," Resident Lawrence Warren said.

In the past, storms have hung over this area and pumped water into the area, covering Highway 23. That did not happen this time.

Residents say the ultimate solution could be restored wetlands, better levees and a floodgate.

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