Tragedy hits Humane Society of Louisiana

Tragedy hits Humane Society of Louisiana

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Tragedy hits the Humane Society of Louisiana. Several animals were killed in a fire at their Tylertown, Miss., location. The shelter was also destroyed.

The shelter there was called "Camp Katrina," and it was used as an evacuation center during the storm. It was still housing animals there 10 years later until the Monday night fire.

"The tragedy is, not every animal got out alive and we hate to tell people that because our business is to help them and save them and find them great homes, and in this case, the opposite happened and some of them had been a long time with us because they had special needs," said Jeff Dorson, the director of the Humane Society of Louisiana.

Dorson said two caretakers risked their lives trying to save dozens of animals inside. But the fire proved to be too much for several cats, a bird and a ferret.

"We did everything we could. Our staff went in there, two were hospitalized for smoke inhalation. They were willing to go back in when the flames were shooting up 20, 25 feet, so hats off to them," Dorson said.

Now, fundraising efforts are underway to not only help the animals that survived and the caretakers who lost everything that night, but the Humane Society of Louisiana is also hoping to raise money to help them rebuild and permanently re-locate to Louisiana.

"We're asking the public, help us get back to Louisiana, rebuild, better, stronger, more vibrant," Dorson said.

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