Dolphin rescued in Grand Isle after severe weather

Dolphin rescued following severe weather

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - There was a rare rescue after this week's severe weather left a young dolphin stranded on the beach in Grand Isle.

The Audubon Nature Institute says they got the call for help on Monday.

"A fisherman found it in the morning and was staying with it and called the appropriate authorities. And so we went out there as fast as we could, almost got stuck on the road as they were closing the roads, seeing cars float by," veterinarian Dr. Tres Clarke said.

Clarke and his team jumped into action to save the dolphin, who is only about 2 years old and was likely separated from his family.

"This animal was stranded on the beach with no hope of getting back in the water despite the large waves that were coming in," Clarke said. "When we initially assessed the animal, he was really weak, he was lethargic, you could tell he had been beat up. The waves were huge. There was a lot of rogue waves out there."

They knew the animal needed immediate medical care so they brought him to the aquatic center in New Orleans. Even though he's eating on his own now, Clarke said he's not out of the woods yet.

"We're monitoring this guy 24 hours a day. Everybody is here even until the late mornings. We haven't been home in about three or four days, so we're staying here watching this animal constantly making sure he's going to make it," Clarke said.

The goal is to release the dolphin back into the wild, but there is no timetable on when that might happen. His caretakers say they'll just have to see how his recovery goes.

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