Murder victim may have been targeted in St. Bernard Parish

Murder victim may have been targeted in St. Bernard Parish

CHALMETTE, LA (WVUE) - The St. Bernard Parish Sheriff's said a who was man shot and killed Tuesday night may have been targeted by the suspects who ultimately took his vehicle.

In a well-kept, normally quiet Chalmette neighborhood, unease lingered hours after the crime.

"It's too close to home," said resident Donnis Koehn.

Residents heard the gunfire.

"There were two shots, we came out, there was a man, he was being attended by the deputy who lives in the house right here," said Mark Shiffer.

The sheriff's office said 30-year-old Keith Guerra was shot in the chest after his Chevrolet Impala was apparently rear-ended by a light-colored SUV with two men inside. According to the sheriff's office, the two men fled the scene, one of them driving Guerra's car with them.

A sheriff's office press release said the shooting was not random and that the suspects may have followed Guerra and his passenger from New Orleans. The release also said that a male passenger of Guerra's had used illicit drugs in East New Orleans during the day, and called Guerra for a ride back to Chalmette. Guerra, authorities said, lived in New Orleans, but had previously lived in St. Bernard Parish.

"It scares me though, you know, it's too close to home, right around the corner," Koehn said.

Guerra's murder was the first homicide in St. Bernard Parish this year. The sheriff, who went to the scene shortly after the crime happened, talked about the rarity of such violence.

"This area is a relatively quiet area, heavily traveled street. There's a school on one end, and a park on the other," Sheriff Jimmy Pohlmann said.

Shiffer said he has lived in the Karen Sue Subdivision since the 1980s, and it clear to him that things are not the same in parts of Chalmette.

"This is not a parish that has a lot of that issue until up to Katrina. Post-Katrina we do have those issues," he said.

No arrests have been made. The passenger in Guerra's vehicle sustained minor injuries. Because he is a witness to the crime, his name was not released.

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