Parents pack costume shops as trick-or-treat shifts from Saturday to Friday

Parents pack costume shops as trick-or-treat shifts from Saturday to Friday

METAIRIE, LA (WVUE) - Before this year's trick-or-treat, many had to stop and shop a day earlier than they normally would.

"It's just been insane," parent Jennifer Radecker said

The insanity and long check-out lines started Thursday afternoon when every parish in our region, except for St. Tammany, moved trick-or-treat times to Friday night instead of Saturday. Frightening weather in the forecast caused the change and prompted parents to get on the ball.

"I was a little reluctant but my wife was like you better get in there, and that's why we are here," parent Willie Rheam said.

Rheam nearly skipped shopping for his daughter's costume when he saw a packed parking lot outside of the Halloween store.

"I got here and saw all the cars. I just started to keep going but I looked in the back seat and saw [my daughter's] face. I just said I've got to grin and bear it," Rheam said.

"Ever since the announcements it's moving to Friday, we've definitely seen an influx of family and kids," Spirit Halloween store owner Bobby Marver said. "We are ramped up and ready for that."

People are rearranging things. It seems like it is a two-day holiday now because people are going to have parties and go trick-or-treating Friday night and still have parties on Saturday night as well," store owner Joey Attardo Store Owner:
But even though the day adjustment gave parents a scare, most said they would rather rush than trick-or-treat in the rain.

"I wouldn't be out in the rain trick or treating. I love football and I wouldn't be out in the rain watching a football game so you know," Rheam said.

"It's minor. It could be something way worse." Radecker said. "We are just rearranging our schedules a little bit to  accommodate the kids and that's what it's all about."

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