Traffic stop leads to arrest of 6 people, including teen

Traffic stop leads to arrest of 6 people, including teen

TERREBONNE PARISH, LA (WVUE) - The Terrebonne Parish Sheriff's Office arrested six people on a slew of charges, including possession of illegal drugs and stolen handguns, and it all started with a traffic stop.

Deputies first arrested 25-year-old Hakeam Drane on Friday, Oct. 23. He was reportedly behind the wheel of a 2014 Chevrolet Silverado that was stationary on Octavia street with a passenger. A third person was leaning on the vehicle.

The Terrebonne Narcotics Task Force agents say when they tried to approach the pickup truck, the third person took off running. The passenger also ran away with a large bag.

Drane allegedly tried to avoid arrest, but was taken into custody. After obtaining a search warrant, deputies say they found a small amount of marijuana, cigar wrapping paper, and a baby bottle with liquid codeine.  
On Wednesday, deputies were called out to Drane's home in the 300 block of Highway 311, where they found several people fighting. Lagrace Lee was detained, due to having to serve about 100 days of incarceration for an unrelated violation.

Agents continued the investigation with a surveillance team in Levy Town yesterday. Agents say 29-year-old Ashley Harris and Drane's significant other, 32-year-old Ashley Lee spotted the agents and took them on a high speed chase. Deputies managed to stop their vehicle.

Harris allegedly had codeine tablets and $7,055 in her handbag, which investigators say she couldn't explain how she got the money. She was placed under arrest.

It is unclear whether or not Lee was arrested at the scene. However, investigators issued an arrest warrant for Lee in an attempt to identify the two people who ran away on foot.

This came after she visited Drane behind bars at the parish's criminal justice complex. Lee had outstanding warrants on illegals possession of cocaine, drug paraphernalia, among other charges.

Investigators later identified the suspect who fled on foot on Octavia Street as 24-year-old Raylon Michael Nash. They say he gave the handbag of cash to Harris. Nash was seen leaving a residence in the 100 block of Octavia Street.

Deputies issued a search warrant of the home, and also arrested 38-year-old Lester Lewis,  40-year-old Natasha Lewis and 17-year-old Nigel Nash.

The sheriff's task force expects more arrest in connection to the investigation.

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