Police: Girlfriend attacked for coming home with just one beer

Tommy Danos, domestic abuse suspect (Source: Thibodaux Police)
Tommy Danos, domestic abuse suspect (Source: Thibodaux Police)

THIBODAUX, LA (WVUE) - Thibodaux Police say a man attacked his live-in girlfriend for coming back from the store with just one beer.

Investigators arrested 49-year-old Tommy Danos after he allegedly struck and choked his girlfriend when he ran out of beer.

According to police, Danos ran out of beer and told the his girlfriend, who was not identified, to go "turn tricks" to buy more. When she came back with just one beer, Danos allegedly lashed out in anger.

Danos tells a different story than the woman he allegedly attacked though. He insists that he was the victim. Danos claims he was attacked while he was asleep and said his lack of injuries is because he is "a good blocker."

First responders transported Danos to Thibodaux Regional Medical Center when he complained of chest pains.

Upon his release from the hospital, he will be booked with domestic abuse battery involving strangulation.

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