Charges filed against teen punched by JPSO deputy after Mardi Gras parade

Charges filed against teen punched by JPSO deputy after Mardi Gras parade

METAIRIE, LA (WVUE) - The teenager punched in the face by a Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office detective and arrested after a Mardi Gras parade in Metairie is facing misdemeanor charges from the incident.

According to court records from Jefferson Parish, 17-year-old Brady Becker is charged with remaining after forbidden, resisting an officer and disturbing the peace.

The charges stem from a Feb. 13, 2015 incident captured on cellphone video in which JPSO Detective Nicholas Breaux punched Becker in the face several times during his arrest. At the time, Becker was arrested and booked with inciting a riot, resisting an officer, battery of a police officer and possession of alcohol by a person under 21.

Becker accused Breaux of using excessive force. He also said that Breaux and Detective Cory Poche did not identify themselves as police officers and attacked him without provocation. His family then filed a civil lawsuit in federal court.

Warning: This video contains graphic content.

In the lawsuit, Becker's mother said her son suffered mental anguish, physical abuse and a violation of his civil rights when deputies arrested him.

Becker suffered a fractured jaw and two black eyes.

The JPSO claimed Breaux was patrolling a parking garage in Metairie when he heard Becker say, "f--- the cops." Breaux said he walked up to the group and identified himself as a police officer, and Becker pushed him. Breaux claims that Becker and others began throwing punches before the video recording was started.

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