Possible tornado damages homes in Livingston Parish

Possible tornado damages homes in Livingston Parish

ALBANY, LA (WVUE) - - Severe weather Saturday wreaked havoc in Livingston Parish where residents reported seeing a tornado touch down, in Albany. It happened near Hutchinson Cemetery Road, causing damage to homes and properties.

Jerry Ervin was at the hospital visiting relatives when he got the news.

"We got a phone call from the neighbor saying the roof was off my house, I said what are you talking about?" Ervin explained.

A possible tornado ripped the metal roof from the front of Ervin's house on Hutchinson Cemetery Road. The pieces ended up twisted and mangled, scattered across his yard.

"I'm upset yeah, but as far as angry, I can't tell what Mother Nature is gonna do," Ervin said.

The damage from the storm spread several miles. On Old CC Road, massive roofs were ripped from their buildings. Emergency officials say it's a miracle no one was hurt.

Venturing across yards strewn with debris was a treacherous task as things went flying during the short lived storm. Witnesses say winds started howling around 1:30 Saturday afternoon and the worst of it was over within minutes. But the clean-up, is sure to take much longer.

Ervin doesn't have homeowners insurance to pay for his roof. Firefighters put up the blue tarp that covers his home. He's not sure where the money will come from to fix it.

"You never think something like that is going to happen to you," Ervin said.

Several of Ervin's neighbors stopped by, while we were there, to offer support. Many of them, in the same boat, missing roofs and siding. They say they'll help each other in this small knit community, to rebuild, from this freak act of Mother Nature.

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