Treme woman accused of murdering husband admitted killing 1st husband

Treme woman accused of murdering husband admitted killing 1st husband

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - A Treme woman arrested for stabbing her husband to death last week served prison time in the 1990s for killing her previous husband in the very same house.

"I'm shocked to think she did that, knowing that it was the second time," neighbor Suzanne Jourdan said.

Billie Ray Jacobs and Clarence Williams were two men once married to 62-year-old Brenda Jacobs. Both are now dead.

"I wasn't scared of her because I didn't say nothing but, 'hey Miss Brenda how you doing?'" Jourdan said.

A handful of Jacobs' neighbors knew about her past but were still shocked last Friday morning when New Orleans police showed up to the 2000 block of Dumaine Street. Inside Brenda and Billie Ray's house was a grisly scene.

"When he kicked the door in, Mr. Billie was sitting right there in the chair dead," Jourdan explained.

An arrest warrant for Brenda Jacobs said police discovered her husband's body slumped over the kitchen table, covered in dried blood. Billie Ray Jacobs had stab wounds to the neck and body. They think he'd been there at least 48 hours.

Friends of the couple say they were pretty friendly and well-known in the Treme neighborhood. But after what transpired last Friday, they admit they might not have really known what was going on behind closed doors.

"What brought on the incident, no one will ever know," said a friend who asked not to be identified. "It's a surprise to everyone."

Police discovered a note, which appeared to be written by Brenda, which said the couple was losing their home and would become homeless. The note said she killed her husband, their dogs and herself so they could be at peace. The couples' dogs were found alive by police, but with stab wounds. Brenda was unharmed.

According to | The Times-Picayune, Brenda's previous husband was also killed inside the home on Dumaine back in 1990. Clarence Williams died of a gunshot wound. Court records show Brenda pleaded guilty to a manslaughter charged and was sentenced to five years in prison. A relative of Williams said they weren't surprised Brenda Jacobs had been accused of killing again.

The arrest warrant FOX 8 obtained also said that while being interviewed by detectives, Jacobs said her husband was an alcoholic and demanded she give him money for liquor. They argued and then she found herself stabbing him with a kitchen knife.

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