Negative ads intensify between Vitter, Edwards

Negative ads intensify between Vitter, Edwards

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - The jabs intensify between the two men vying to be Louisiana's next governor.

Democrat John Bel Edwards comes out swinging against David Vitter after Vitter's camp released ads comparing Edwards to President Obama. The ads being aired from both sides, though, are falling flat with some voters.

"I think those little ads, usually they're always negative," voter Jonathan Smith said.

Roger Bailey adds, "I don't think anyone really likes negative ads, they want to have more substantive ads."

Like the issues that matter to voters.

"It would be nice to hear what they have to say to explain themselves I guess, on one issue or another," Ashanti Henry said.

FOX 8 political analyst Mike Sherman says despite being from different parties, Vitter and Edwards have similar stances on many issues. They both are against abortion. And they're both for guns. They also agree that money from BP fines should go toward restoring the state's coastlines. But they differ in some areas of education.

"The big question for John Bel Edwards in the coming weeks, how he feels about the charter school movement and the charter school movement - specifically in New Orleans. That's one of the issues where we're starting to see a difference between these two candidates," Sherman said.

Vitter is strongly in favor of charter schools.

Sherman says in the coming weeks, while voters may be wanting important information, they may be stuck with more accusations.

"If the first week is any indication of what to expect in campaign commercials in the runoff election, gosh, we're going to see some mud being thrown back and forth and a lot of negative ads," Sherman said.

FOX 8 received a statement Tuesday night from an Edwards' spokesperson after trying to get a clearer idea of where he stands on the charter school issue. The statement says charter schools serve a particular need of a community and do a great job, and that Edwards has fought to ensure local tax dollars aren't siphoned off for another purpose. But it also says he opposes for-profit charters because kids aren't for sale.

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