VooDoo Fest leaves City Park fields damaged

Voodoo Fest leaves City Park fields damaged

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Cleanup is underway at City Park after weekend rain and VooDoo concert fans damaged the festival grounds.

"No one is happier than we are that the sun is shining today and it was shining yesterday, so things are drying up at least somewhat. So a lot of the modular vehicles and tents are being removed," City Park spokesman John Hopper said.

The truncated festival saw plenty of rain, paired with thousands of people stomping through the mud, creating what could be called a pig-sty on some of the soccer fields.

"There was a lot of people and a lot of rain, so we have a lot of mud, so there's a lot of work to do," Hopper said.

The experts at City Park aren't concerned about the damage, but warn people who regularly use the fields that there may be some delays before everything is back to normal.

"Unfortunately, this is not the time of year to fix or replant a field, so people who had leagues out there, there's going to be some inconvenience, there's no other way around it," Hopper said.

Hopper thinks the Big Lake areas should be back to normal by this weekend and the running track should reopen to the public shortly after that, but they won't rush VooDoo organizers to remove heavy equipment if it means destroying more fields.

"We won't be playing in the mud, the fields will be closed until they're playable again, and right now I think the majority of the fields are not playable, we're going to have to get out there and assess it all," Hopper said.

While it might take until spring before the fields are ready for cleats again, VooDoo will pick up the repair bill, regardless of the cost.

"They realized they needed to cancel on the last day, which is a good thing, there would've been further damage, so they're not shirking their responsibilities at all, it's just that you can't fix everything overnight," Hopper said.

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