Visual display helps make sense of "Dark Web" activity

Visual display helps make sense of "Dark Web" activity

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Data experts hope what they're putting together in the United Kingdom will give people a better idea of how the dark web works.

The Business Analytics Centre at Imperial College's business school in London put together a visual display that tracks bitcoin trading activity.  Law enforcement workers across the globe believe bitcoins are traded routinely on the dark web to launder money. Data experts think their display will help identify patterns that will help investigators track down illegal activity.

"The systems are able to just catch the transactions, analyze them and say these are ones that fit the profile of money laundering, that fit the profile of a spam attack and then once you know how to distinguish, in the stream of ongoing transactions, ones that are productive versus ones that at counterproductive, according to some consensus for what that should be then you can do the right things with those," said Business Analytics Centre Director Mark Kennedy.

The results of this study will be published next year.

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