Thieves steal $14k worth of paintings in Old Metairie

Thieves steals $14k worth of paintings in Old Metairie
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METAIRIE, LA (WVUE) - An artist fell victim to a recent increase in crime in one Old Metairie neighborhood after someone stole $14,000 worth of paintings from her van outside of her home.

"For two days now, I haven't picked up a brush," Anya Lincoln said. "It is very disturbing."

Early Tuesday morning, someone stole 17 of Lincoln's paintings. She spent four months on the art work.

"It would take someone several trips to take the paintings out," she said.

Lincoln is unsure if she locked her van doors Monday night after driving to Monroe for a gallery show and getting back late the same day.

"There's some situations where you just lose your edge, I guess," she said. "You don't think people would do this to you."

But someone is targeting the neighborhood near Melody Drive, and it is not just unlocked doors.

"I'm fed up because it doesn't have to happen," Ellie Rebennack said.

Rebennack started a neighborhood watch after she and nearly a dozen of her neighbors living on or near Melody Drive were burglarized.

"They took a television and some video equipment out of one home. They took a gun out of somebody else's home. They've taken silverware out of another neighbor's home. They are looking for anything that they can sell real quickly, I would imagine," Rebennack said.

Several other victims who live on Melody Drive did not want to go on camera, including one woman who recently had someone try to pry open her back door. Jefferson Parish sheriff's deputies are investigating the crime in the area. Rebennack wants to find who is responsible before the crime escalates.

"Bottom line is you don't know how far they would go, and that's what I'm trying to prevent from happening," Rebennack said.

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