Drew Brees talks overtime loss to Tennessee, dealing with Titans' pass rush

Drew Brees talks overtime loss to Tennessee, dealing with Titans' pass rush

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Riding a three-game winning streak, the Saints looked to make it four on Sunday, but the Tennessee Titans had other plans, pulling even with black and gold before securing the win with a touchdown in overtime.

Following the loss to the Titans, Saints quarterback Drew Brees talked about multiple factors that played key roles in Sunday's decision, including dealing with the aggressive Tennessee pass rush.

Below is a transcript of Brees' podium sound following the game, provided by the New Orleans Saints:

(On if it's tough to win tight games consistently for a team) "It's the manner in which you arrive at that point.
Sometimes, there are tight games where it is hard fought and it is just back and forth and all that, but give them
a lot of credit. When you look at the things we talk about as being an emphasis for us to win a football game,
first being the turnover-takeaway ratio, we lost that. We gave it away twice and only got it back once. I'm not
sure what the penalty number was, but it sure felt like there were a lot of penalties against us. We are close to
leading the league in penalties, and that is going to get you beat. You look at both of those things right there,
and those are two critical statistics that every team looks at and says that we have to be on the plus side of a lot
of these things if we are going to give ourselves a chance, and we are not right now. That fact makes these
games really close, maybe even dipping in the favor of the other team, and we have to constantly overcome that.
That's the reason for some of these tight games, and if you're lucky, you win some, and others you lose, and
you know why."

(On why Saints became so ineffective in the second half) "I have to go back and look at the film. We became a
little bit more conservative, which is fine. We've answered for whatever a defense wants to throw at us. We feel
like we have an answer to any defense that anyone wants to throw at us. We can move that ball methodically
down the field. We wait for opportunities for big plays, and we will call our shots, checking down if it's not
there to make sure we keep possessing the ball and moving the ball down the field. Obviously, we came out and
scored on the first three drives, and it slowed down a bit after that. We kept moving it and then we had that one
turnover, which was my fault, but sometimes you're playing the field position game against a good defense.
That team has a very good defense. That just happened to be the case in the second half."

(On frustration of not being able to climb over .500) "Forget the records. It's frustrating that we lost this game
because of all of those things that I mentioned earlier; penalties, turnovers, and just not making the plays that
we need to make. I know we can run the ball better. I know we can stop the run better. All of those things that
mean winning in football we didn't do enough of today."

(On toughness of the defense today getting a few hits on Drew) "Everybody wants to hit the quarterback, that's
just part of the game. That's a very good pass rush team. If you turn on the film and watch them, they have a lot
of guys that can get after the quarterback. I think we knew that coming into this game."

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