Buyer Beware: Teen tries to sell stolen phone back to owner online

Buyer Beware: Teen tries to sell stolen phone back to owner online

SLIDELL, LA (WVUE) - Slidell police say a teenager was in for a big surprise after deciding to sell a stolen cell phone to an undercover Slidell police officer.

Investigators say on Saturday afternoon the owner of the cellphone was scanning items at the Walmart on Natchez Drive and left his phone on top of a drink cooler. Police say India Carmouche, 18, took the phone when the victim turned his back.

Officers say the victim was browsing Craigslist later that night and saw his phone for sell.

An undercover Slidell police officer then contacted a person they say is Carmouche. Not knowing the person contacting her was an undercover officer, they say she agreed to meet the officer at a local restaurant to sell him the phone. Police say the officer identified himself during the meeting and arrested Carmouche.

Police say Carmouche tried to flee from the officer, but was quickly caught by other officers who were doing surveillance in the area.

"We quite frequently warn legitimate buyers and sellers about the dangers of Craigslist, but rarely do we issue a warning to criminals. So let this be a warning to all the criminals out there. You may also become a 'victim' on Craigslist when trying to sell stolen property," says Slidell Police Chief Randy Smith. "Slidell is not the place to conduct illegal Craigslist transactions."

Carmouche is charged with possession of stolen property and resisting an officer.

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