Teen brawl ends with girl being run over by car

(WVUE/CNN) - Police search for a driver who they say intentionally ran over a 14-year-old girl Houston girl Nov. 5. It happened during an argument, and a camera captured the whole ordeal.

"They left her for dead, they just left my daughter for dead," said Aurelia Hunter.

What started as a fight between a group of teenage girls ended when one of them got into a car and ran over 14-year-old Debrianna Hunter.

"Her hips are broken, her hips, her legs are broken, her pelvis is broken," hunter said.

Video of the incident, which happened on the campus of Culman Middle School, is making its way around social media. You can hear people screaming once they see Debrianna come rolling out from underneath the vehicle. That part of the vehicle is too graphic to show, but Debrianna's sister was there and witnessed the entire thing. She said she was afraid she'd be next.

Debrianna's family hasn't left her side as she endures multiple tests and surgeries.

"My daughter is really fighting for her life," Hunter said. "I would not even wish this on my worst enemy, not in a million years. This is really horrible.

And Hunter has a message for the person who hit her daughter.

"I want her to know it's not over just because you got away with it that day, you're going to jail," she said.

Police say they know the name of a passenger who was in the car and they plan to question that person.

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