French Quarter drug sting nets 40 arrests

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Forty people have been arrested and six are being sought in connection with an undercover drug operation in the French Quarter that started in late April.

The arrests were announced Tuesday in a joint news conference held by State Police and the New Orleans Police Department.

Police said the drugs being sold included marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine and hash. State Police Col. Mike Edmonson said the drug problem in New Orleans is rampant, and even visitors have been affected by it.

"Tourists told us on any given night on Bourbon Street people were coming up to them offering them drugs," Edmonson said.

In addition to the uniformed troopers who are routinely on the lookout for drugs, Edmonson also sent additional plainclothes troopers to the city to follow leads and tips. The colonel said most of the drugs are coming from Texas, and those arrested include both sellers and buyers.

Since March 11, troopers have seized 128 "illegally possessed" guns, recovered 190 stolen vehicles and seized over $1.3 million of illegal narcotics (street value).

Anyone who knows the whereabouts of the six wanted individuals is asked to contact Louisiana State Police at (504) 471-2775 or local police.

Wanted Suspects:

-Greg Kagler, (age 25) – Possession of Cocaine and Distribution of Cocaine

-Kyle Mathieu (age 32) – Possession of Heroin (3 counts) and Distribution of Heroin (3 counts)

-Morris Joiner (age 52) – Distribution of Counterfeit Marijuana, Possession with Intent to Distribute of  Counterfeit Marijuana, Distribution of Counterfeit Cocaine

-Charles Rayfield (age 29) – Distribution of Cocaine

-Jamall Washington (age 31) – Distribution of Counterfeit Cocaine (2 counts)

-Gerald Jerome (age 29) – Possession of Heroin (2 counts), Distribution of Heroin (2 counts)

Arrested Suspects:

-Albert Cornelius Jr. (age 44) – Distribution of Cocaine

-Jeremiah Jackson (age 41) – Distribution of Marijuana

-Deangelo Farmer (age 39) – Principal to Distribution of Marijuana

-Darrell Smith (age 21) – Simple Possession of Marijuana

-Roderick Joshua (age 29) – Distribution of Cocaine

-Brandon Austin (age 25) – Distribution of Cocaine and Possession of Schedule IV Drugs

-Justin Moore (age 32) - Distribution of Marijuana, Possession of Schedule III

-Alvin Unger (age 30) - Distribution of Marijuana

-Oliver Glenn (age 35) - Distribution of Marijuana

-Harold Dexter (age 29) - Distribution of Marijuana

-Troy Jones (age 26) - Possession of Marijuana, Distribution of Marijuana

-Cornell Andrews (age 21) - Distribution of Marijuana

-Jeffrey Doredant (age 29) - Municipal Attachments

-Trevine Jenkins (age 20) – Possession with Intent to Distribute Cocaine, Possession of Marijuana

-Kevin Murray (age 50) - Distribution of Cocaine

-James Williams Jr (age 44) - Distribution of Marijuana, Possession Drug Paraphernalia

-Terry Houston (age 49) - Distribution of Marijuana

-Kedrick Singleton (age 20) - Distribution of Cocaine

-Randolph Rodrigue (age 51) - Distribution of Marijuana

-Cordell Thomas (age 34) - Distribution of Marijuana, Possession with Intent to Distribute Hashish,

Possession Marijuana

-Darin Eliasen (age 45) - Distribution of Methamphetamine

-Charles Harris (age 19) – Distribution of Heroin

-Jamell Washington (age 31) – Distribution of Counterfeit Cocaine

-Troy Smith (age 24) – Distribution of Cocaine (3 counts)

-Thomas Murphy (age 25) – Possession of Heroin, Distribution of Heroin

-Jerome Steib (age 21) – Distribution of Oxycodone (2 counts)

-Dan Rousseve (age 35) – Possession of Cocaine, Distribution of Cocaine (3 counts)

-Zerick Mollaire (age 26) – Distribution of Cocaine (2 counts)

-Kojuan George (age 25) – Possession of Cocaine, Distribution of Cocaine

-Fared I. Mateem (age 21) – Simple Possession of Marijuana

-Lyle Dotson (age 18) – Battery on a Police Officer

-Carlton Smith – Simple Possession of Marijuana

-Justin Houpt (age 28) – Possession with Intent to Distribute MDMA (capsules)

-Robert Hood (age 46) – Distribution of Hashish

-Trevis Fisher (age 38) - Distribution of Marijuana

-Matthew Lopez Jr (age 22) – Distribution of Marijuana

-Scott Gioseffi (age 35) - Distribution of Marijuana, Resisting Arrest

-Shante Moore (age 30) - Possession of Heroin, Distribution of Heroin

-Durrell Green (age 19) - Distribution of Marijuana, Warrant Simple Battery

-Rashod Singleton (age 18) – Distribution of Cocaine

The Louisiana State Police on-line reporting system is available to the public through a convenient and secure reporting form that is submitted to the appropriate investigators. Citizens can access the form by visiting and clicking the Suspicious Activity link.

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