Man carjacked outside NOMA

Man carjacked outside NOMA

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Police are looking for suspects accused of carjacking a man outside of the New Orleans Museum of Art in City Park, Tuesday night.

Police said the victim was getting into his car when a newer model Nissan Maxima pulled up alongside his vehicle. That's when they said the passenger of the Maxima jumped out of the car, pulled a gun on the victim and drove off with his car.

"We do consider this a safe haven and a safe public space, but it's a little surprising," Joshua Alarcon, who was working out in City Park, said.

"Especially with the parks, you would hope that people feel like it's the place you can come and spread a blanket and not worry about their purse being taken or someone going in their car," Iina Ester, who was exercising near the Big Lake, said.

Still, several people said they weren't concerned, despite the recent report of violence.

"It doesn't worry me one bit, I would still come here 9 o' clock, 10 o' clock. Morning Call is open 24/7 so I feel perfectly safe coming here any time really," Alarcon said.

Most people enjoying the park Wednesday afternoon said they would use the carjacking as a lesson in keeping your eyes open regardless of your location.

"You have to be aware because they are jacking all those places, you really do," Donna Green, who was working out near the lake, said.

Police said the carjacker and his accomplice drove off down Wisner toward Mirabeau Avenue. If you have information that can help police contact

Crimestoppers at 822-1111.

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