Big Fish Report: Cool weather brings good fishing

(WVUE) - This weekend we may see the first cool weather we've experienced so far this fall, and that is going to change the fishing. So where do you want to fish? Well one place to consider isn't far from right here in Eden Isles.

This weekend's cold front will be good for fishing in the long run, but might make finding speckled trout tough for a short while as it passes. The good news is there are plenty of options. One is at the train trestles on Lake Pontchartrain right out of Slidell.

Captain Dudley Vandemore and I put the hurt on some perfect-size black drum and sheepshead. But Captain Dudley feels once that front passes, you'll see the speckled trout move in.

"I think it's actually going to help," he said. "It's going to make them move in and gather together thicker. It takes more of them to find food, they are like a pack of wolves."

When there is a lot of food out there in the lake, they can be in little pods of three or four, but when the food gets scarce they gather 50 or 60 of them together.

The best news is while this is a tough fighting fish with thick skin, the meat inside is some of the best you can find. A little bit of a challenge to clean, but easy, easy to eat.

There is no secret spot. Fish can be found almost anywhere along the bridge. But the usual hot spots are producing well.

So even in weather conditions that are a little challenging, you can catch fish that are, well, really a lot like Dudley and me - tough on the outside but tender on the inside!

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