Hundreds unite in New Orleans to support Paris victims

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Hundreds gathered at Lafayette Square in New Orleans Sunday afternoon, to remember the victims of the Paris attacks, in a show of support the French Consul General calls, overwhelming.

Consul General Gregor Trumel led the group in singing the French national anthem; a song uniting them, even in tragedy. Those who don't speak the language, stood in silent solidarity; their presence speaking volumes.

"Today we are all citizens of Paris, all citizens of France," Mayor Mitch Landrieu said.

The French community in New Orleans is large; so many this weekend, feeling so far from home.

"I'm feeling really, really sad and its more difficult to be not in France," Anuchka Lionnet said.

The Consul General to France says he's never experienced such an outpouring of support. Signs hung around the statue of Henry Clay, say it all, with words of encouragement for the French people.

"It's very clear that I can feel so much affection and love for my country," Consul General Gregor Trumel said.

That love, clearly on display Sunday afternoon.

New Orleanian Lynn Frank says, "I got out my French regalia, my beret and my scarf and my flag and I probably look a little bit funny but I just want to show solidarity."

"I think it's great that the two communities are here together, sharing feelings and sharing support, it's really appreciated, we love that," French citizen Renaud Schmitz said.

The terror attacks Friday night didn't just affect one group of people.

Trumel explains, "It's not just about France and Paris, it's about humanity and humankind."

And the resilience of people around the world, standing united, unwilling to give in to terrorists.

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