WWII vet carjacked for second time in nearly 2 months

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - An 89-year-old man was carjacked Monday near Mid-City for the second time in nearly two months.

"I don't know why they like my car," said the victim, who is not being identified.

"He told me get out. He came around and got in the driver's seat, I got out my car, and he left," the victim said.

The victim said a man walked up to him around 1:30 p.m. asking for a ride. The victim said no. About 15 minutes later, the man returned, this time demanding his car key.

"I asked him, was he crazy? He did this (pointing to his waistband) and I saw, I think it was the butt of a gun," the victim recalled.

On Sept. 29, a group armed with guns robbed the veteran at about the same time of day, taking his cell phone and wallet. They also took his 2002 Buick. A couple of weeks later, police found the car, and after having to pay about $300 to retrieve it from an impound lot, the vet thought the ordeal was over. He said even the police officers who responded to his 911 call Monday were shocked.

"As soon as they came in front the door they said, 'they didn't do it to you again, huh?' I said, 'yeah, everything's the same,'" the man said.

The victim feels he's being targeted.

"They got me picked out," the victim said.

He's now ready to fight back.

"If it happens, I might shoot somebody, but I won't kill them," the vet said.

His neighbors said they're disgusted.

"We have to stand up and fight this stuff and work and not be afraid," John Albright said.

But when asked if he's angry, the veteran said he's too old for that.

"As long as they didn't touch me, I was satisfied," he said.

Residents on his street say they're keeping an eye out for their friend, vowing not to let anyone rob him again, because this veteran has already been through too much.

The victim's car is a 2002 gray four-door Buick with a Louisiana plate ONZ387. If you see it, call police.

In the meantime, the vet said he's trying to find the money to rent a car while he hopes police will be able to find his vehicle, a second time.

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