Bob takes off the toupee and grows hair with the help of science

Bob's big reveal!

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Meteorologist Bob Breck makes a drastic change to his looks, with the big reveal on FOX 8 News at news at 9.

Viewers have never seen Bob without hair on the air. He's been bald on top since his 20s, but now with the help of a little science, Bob let the toupee go.

"I was in Dayton, Ohio at the age of 26, and I said I have to cover up the bald spots," Bob said.

He turned to toupees, and it was more than vanity - it was his career

"I said I'm thinning and I'm in my 20s - I've gotta have hair!"

He went in at age 28 and for his first hairpiece, and that's how it all started. On the banks of this peaceful lake outside Covington is where bob's hair magic happened.

"When I first met you, you had plaid pants and jet black hair," said Sal Lamandre. He's Bob's toupee maker and stylist.

"I'm just blending it in. Once it's on his head you have to blend it with his own hair. We've done it for years," Lamandre said, fiddling with his creation.

Lamandre has been the master of Bob's hair pieces since 1978. He's retired, but he still takes care of select customers like Bob.

"A hairpiece like what Bob has on or what I wear, you're looking at 30 hours to do that," Lamandre's said.

From the first toupee to his last creation, the visit to Sal Lamandre's shop is Bob's official hairpiece goodbye.

It was August of last year when Bob first visited plastic surgeon Dr. Sean Weiss at Khoobehi and Associates on Magazine Street. Bob learned about the procedure that would change him.

"The technology has been around for many years, and FDA approval for it came out in 2011," Weiss said.

It's robotic hair restoration. The doctor uses an Artas robot to extract healthy follicles from the back of Bob's head and implants the follicles where Bob is bald.

"During the procedure, I monitor what the robot is doing at all times and I can make adjustments to the angles the robot is harvesting the graft," Weiss said.

"So after all these years, there's a new process out there that's not like the old process. The plugs didn't work," Bob said.

The extraction and implantation.took one day. He would have to wait months to see a change. Dr. Weiss says usually the hair will grow after about two or three weeks and then shed. It goes into a resting phase and then will regrow in eight to twelve weeks, on average.

Sal Lamandre still has a box of hair with Bob's name on it, But Bob says he won't need it anymore.

"Let's see if I can get rid of the hairpiece and not worry about it," he said.

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