Cycling enthusiasts 'Tour da Parish'

Cycling enthusiasts 'Tour da Parish'

ST. BERNARD PARISH, LA (WVUE) - St. Bernard hosted three bike rides through the parish to reacquaint cycling enthusiasts and biking advocates with iconic landmarks.

Event organizer David Huff said he got the idea after participating in a similar event in Jefferson Parish. "That gave me the idea to create an event for St. Bernard that would bring back some of those who moved away after Katrina as well as introduce some from other parts of the metro area to St. Bernard and what we have to offer," Huff said.

The tour happened in early November and participants cycled past the Chalmette Battlefield, Docville Farm, the Historic St. Bernard Courthouse and parts of Delacroix.
The event was hosted by the St. Bernard Chamber of Commerce in partnership with Bike St. Bernard, a non-profit dedicated to improving the conditions and safety of bicycling in St. Bernard Parish.

Huff says he is working with the parish to develop bicycle paths which could be incorporated into the future tours. "The future events will have more formal training rides, lectures from local pros, and instruction on safety. By the time next year's event comes up, we should also have some additional bike paths atop the levee and marked lanes to use as parts of the courses," Huff said.

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