Thieves caught on camera stealing packages off front porches

Tis the season to steal packages off porches?

(WVUE) - With the holiday rush about to start, police say now is the time to make sure you don't become the next victim of criminals canvassing neighborhoods taking advantage of the Internet shopping era.

Kenner Police L.t Brian McGregor says at least twelve times a month victims in his city report someone stealing packages off their front porch. Recently, officers arrested a man caught stealing a cell phone delivered to someone's doorstep.

"The individual goes up to the front porch removes the box, in fact, even activates the cell phone. We were able eventually locate that person and arrest him for the theft and recover the cell phone as well," McGregor said.

Tuesday night in NOPD's Fifth District, which includes the Ninth Ward, home surveillance caught someone stealing two packages from an online customer.  
Police say the crook got away with a  computer monitor and other items...

In another case in Gentilly, a man walking down the street sees something he likes, hops over the barrier and skirts away with the items.

"We just ask that citizens be vigilant when they have those packages delivered," NOPD Lt. Jonette Williams said. "Some ways to be safe are when you receive that email notification, making sure that you know the date, the time frame that they give, if your delivery offers the option of you maybe telling them what time, what date."

"We kind of encourage [customers] to maybe talk to their neighbor if they're going to be home during the day," McGregor said. "When you're expecting a delivery, maybe ask them to pick it up. Restrict your delivery so maybe someone has to sign for it."

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